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Flexi return

Introducing Flexi Return. The value-added ticket for extended travel plans.

Thinking of visiting a few destinations at one go? Choose the new Flexi Return option for greater freedom and value when you travel. Also known as an "open jaw" ticket, this option allows you to fly home from a different city than the one you arrived in. In other words, fly from point A to B, then return from point C back to A. Enjoy the convenience of booking it all in one transaction.

How to book?

 Step 1: Specify the city you're departing from and arriving in.

Enter routes and the “Stopover” checkbox will appear.” page

 Step 2: Once you've selected your destination, the "Flexi Return" (Open Jaw) option will appear.

Click on the “Stopover” checkbox next to depart field to select outbound stopover.

 Step 3: A new field will appear. Select the city you want to return from and enter your other flight details.

Click on the “Stopover” checkbox next to return field to select inbound stopover.” page

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 Step 4: The flight options page will be displayed. Select your flights and complete the booking.

Clight options page will be displayed.
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